Parisian Votive Candle Holder Red (5458)


SKU: 5458

The round shape and antiqued finish of our glass votive candleholders combines old world charm with contemporary bling. These modern votives can also be used to hold a small arrangement of flowers, making it one of our most versatile go-to-tabletop accessories.

Perfectly sized and weighted to add the right amount of colorful pizazz to any decor.  The metallic finish, both inside and out, catches every bit of light in your space to sparkle and shine the night away.

Dimensions:  4.5″ D x 3.8″ H

Available colors (sold separately):  Gold, Silver, Aqua, Green, Red

Color: Red
Diameter: 4.5 in
Material: Glass

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4.5 in


4.5" D x 3.8" H