Luna Ramekin


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  • Luna collection features captivating textures inspired by the moonscape, showcasing striking patterns in black, white, and blue, creating a unique aesthetic that captivates attention.
  • Each piece in the Luna collection boasts an elegant matte white exterior, enhancing its artistic appeal and ensuring it stands out on any dining table.
  • The Luna collection offers a variety of dining essentials, including a 10.5-inch Main Plate, a 12.8-inch Snack Tray, a 10.6-inch Rectangular Platter, a 6.3-inch Side Plate, a 3.3-inch Round Ramekin, a 6.5-inch Small Bowl, and an 8.5-inch Large Bowl, providing versatility for various dining occasions.
  • Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Luna collection elevates the dining experience, combining aesthetic beauty with practical functionality to make every meal a memorable event.

Dishwasher Safe

Color: Black, Blue, White
Diameter: 3.3 in
Material: Melamine

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Black, Blue, White




1.4 in


3.3 in