Fiore Deep Plate


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  • Vibrant Palette Introduction: Fiore introduces a refreshing palette with vibrant lemon, lime, and sky blue hues, transforming the landscape of porcelain dinnerware.
  • Captivating Centerpiece: This collection serves as a captivating centerpiece, enlivening any décor with its stunning combination of colors.
  • Convenience in Design: Designed for convenience, Fiore pieces are dishwasher safe, ensuring effortless cleaning and maintenance, even after the most creative culinary endeavors.
  • Crafted Uniqueness: Crafted from porcelain, Fiore dinnerware boasts a substantial weight, embodying a remarkable uniqueness that elevates any dining experience.

Color: Lemon, Multi-color, Lime
Material: Porcelain

Additional information

Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 2 in

Lemon, Multi-color, Lime